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  • Josh Samples

There Are No Short Cuts

Some people in life try to buck the system. They try to cheat their way through life. Personally, I have always loathed cheating!

I remember when I was in my high school Geometry class I saw some of my fellow students cheating. That bothered me, because these particular students were smart enough that they didn’t need to cheat. Then what REALLY bothered me was that these same students were nominated into the National Honor Society! If only they knew! I never made the National Honor Society even though I studied diligently for my grades. When I was a Senior I did win the National Honor Society Senior Service Award because of my “service”. Serving has carried over into my church life. I love serving God. But serving isn’t the topic for the blog, is it?

There are no short cuts in the Kingdom of God. People may be able to get away with it in secular life, but not in God’s Kingdom. He is no respecter of persons, but He IS a respecter of His Word and we all have to get that the same way. Sometimes people are too lazy to get into the Word, get to church, serve the Lord, etc., but they want to take from you what you have rightfully achieved by doing things God’s way. Years ago, one of the young women in our church was constantly being bombarded with others coming to her house full of their problems. This became a problem for her because she had a husband and a house full of children to attend to besides being on the church staff and a department head. Her friends loved what she had, but they were too lazy to get it for themselves. They were wearing her out. One day I told her, “Tell them there are no short cuts in God. Whatever it is you have that they want, they are going to have to get it the same way that you did.” Well, they never did. Their laziness carried on, but at least she was set free from being drained from.

If you are tempted to be lazy about the things of God and think that you are someone special that can get His blessings through short cuts, think again. We all have to get our victories in Christ the same way.

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